my name is Andy. I am building a team that can spread the word and helps create a community of people who want to move on in life.

How to get in touch? I always prefer a face to face conversation.

So let's use Facetime, WhatsApp, FB Messanger od Skype. Whatever you prefer.

Editing, Proof Reading

So far I have done a basic translation. But reading my own words in the English language shows that an upgrade needed.

What should you bring with you? Native US English and sympathy for the subject: self-help, self-improvement.

The translation should be super easy to read, no long stories but down to the point. It is written like a cooking book. Straight forward supplying the ingredients for readers who want to create change in their lives.

Marketing & Sales (German and English)

The book will help all those who are stuck? By building a community, readers will also want to attend seminars. Are you capable of organizing online and offline workshops? If so you could be the right fit.

Other Countries And Languages

Do you want to build a career as a success coaching in your country? Do you love to work with people and get a kick in supporting others to succeed, then you might be right for this job.

But this is not all. You must be willing to work hard on yourself and also must be able to put at least 20 hours a week in creating your new career.

If this sounds good to you, feel free to contact me.

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